Upgrade The View

Reclaim your Life,
Focus Your Time and
Go Get What You Want

Join my 5-day, Personal Strategy Mini-Course to learn how.  It's like 5 sessions with a personal coach absolutely FREE!

Upgrade The View

Join the 7-day Personal Strategy Mini-course that will show you how.  It's like having 7 sessions with a personal coach and it's absolutely FREE!

Reclaim your Life, Focus Your Time and
Go Get What You Want

Women are overwhelmingly overwhelmed!

I totally get it.  I'm a recovering "overdoer" too!

 We start out with a heart full of purpose and wind up with a life-draining, never-ending list of someone else's "to-dos".  We are everyone's Go-To-Girl for all things "Life" and, by the time we've poured our hearts out to the world, there is no energy left to engage our own dreams.  ... and time slips on by. 

What is it costing you?

Financial freedom? 
Your Happiness?

"Life-Stuff" will hijack your dreams.

Are you really ok with that?!?

Are you really ok with that?

What if you found a system that could show you how to
break out of the overwhelm, distraction and self-doubt and could teach you how to organize your thoughts and time for success?

Hi, I'm Susan.
I am a Life Strategist for women in leadership.

I help women in leadership

 CLARIFY desires,

REPURPOSE time and

CREATE a life they love through

Personal Development Strategies

and Transformational Coaching

My signature program, "Upgrading The View", is designed to bring deep paradigm shifts and profound, lasting change by exploring the hidden, unconscious reasons we do the things we do.  Through a series of questions, reflection, and training, you will learn how to train your subconscious to propel you toward your desires and goals.  You will gain new insight into what you truly want and how to organize your life to get it. 

Course topics include:    

 Bringing Clarity from the Chaos

Deep dive into the hidden agendas of your heart and discover what you REALLY want.  Until you know what you want, you will spend your life building the dreams of someone who does.

 Mapping the Path &                                            Confronting the Resistance Within

Knowing what to do is pointless unless you CONFRONT THE RESISTANCE WITHIN.  Discover and release the unconscious beliefs that have worked against you in the past. 

 Getting Girl Things Done

Let's face it.  Our responsibilities are likely to always be more multi-dimensional than that of men.  Learn to systematically automate, delegate, negotiate and incinerate your way to the most effective use of your time.

How to Train Your Noggin /
     When Goals Don't Work

So often we set goals with our heads that don't line up with the secret goals of our hearts, and then wonder why we can't make lasting progress.  What a joy it is when we learn to get them working together.

Chasing Happiness - Finding Joy

Happiness is a mental state created by a thought and is not intrinsically connected to external circumstances.  We all know "successful" people who are sadly miserable.  While we're chasing those dreams, let's learn how to live a life of joy. 

Ways I Can Help
Book a call to see if it's for you.
A Deep-Dive into Life-Change
Come Grow With Us

Each week, I try to share valuable coaching information to challenge your mindset and encourage you on your journey.  It's FREE, it's brief and I will never share your information so, feel free to "join the conversation"! 

Websites can feel so impersonal, so I want you to know I'm a real person with a real phone and I actually answer calls and email.  :) 
If you are interested in exploring coaching, please feel free to contact me.  You will find a real person on this end who cares about you and the impact you have on our world. 


"Susan helped me open my mind to the things that had always been in my heart."

"You helped me change the trajectory of my career at a time when the wrong decisions would have lead to unemployment!  Thank you!"

"Life began to change after session 2 and has never been the same.  Thank you for helping me find my way UP."

"Susan has a unique way of helping you see through your own b.s. and making you feel great even while she's calling you on it."

More about my journey and my mission:

I am first and above all else, a follower of Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God who gave me true life and freedom.  I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, a mom to some super-fun grownups, a daughter of the most servant-hearted woman I've ever known, and best friends with a 3-year-old who lights my world.  

I have been a student of leadership, mindset and the workings of the subconscious mind for over 30 years and developed a deep desire to share life-changing truth with people around me struggling with sorrow, overwhelm and depression.  While serving as a lay ministry counselor and Worship Pastor in the church, I met an amazing group of Christian coaches and discovered an incredibly effective way to to free people's thinking through the use of powerful questions.  Coaching changed my life and I was hooked.

I have been a solopreneur in multiple ventures for over 20 years.  Each served a purpose in its season.  None have been anywhere near as fulfilling as touching people's lives through coaching.  I am a Certified Life Coach, an NLP Practitioner and a Life Strategist for overwhelmed women in leadership.

My greatest desire is to see people get free from the lies that bind them and watch their lives fill with purpose and joy.  It happens spontaneously when truth intersects passion, purpose and an open-minded desire to learn the deeper reasons we do the things we do.  My hope is that every person who crosses my path, finds a truth that propels them to deeper insight and more freedom.



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